Wyre Forest Cycle Racing Club

Wyre Forest CRC was founded in 1977 and still has a couple of original members in the club today! The club went from strength to strength during the 1980's with some great racing results at National level. This continued into the early 90's but a decline in membership through the late 90's saw the club on the verge of folding. Then Team Sabre, a local team, merged with the club and breathed new life into it. Since then, the membership has grown year on year to a point now where we have more members than at anytime in the club's history.

Our club meets socially every Tuesday night at 8.00pm at Stourport Sports Club, with exclusive track time 6-9pm Thursdays and 9-11am Saturdays. We promote a number of events throughout the year. We run a series of club events on a weekly basis throughout the summer and also promote open Time Trials, Road Races, Audaxes, Reliability Rides and Cyclo-Cross.

We have a number of qualified British Cycling Coaches on-hand to offer advice and support for any cyclist of any ability. The club also benefits from a vast array of cycling experience in a multitude of disciplines, so if you have a question, someone, somewhere in the club, definitely has an answer!

The club is a Go-Ride Club mark accredited club. That means we have met the minimum criteria as laid down by Sport England and British Cycling. Go-Ride sessions are held on a Friday evening from May to September and run from 6pm - 8pm and ensure that all the riders are introduced to cycling in an interesting and enjoyable way whilst following the guiding principles set down by British Cycling. All youngsters are welcome to Go-Ride.

For more information on how to join please visit the Wyre Forest Cycle Racing Club website.